Our premium nuts, matched to exquisite wines -
for perfect harmony

Discover hand-picked wines from our carefully selected wine partners

Indulgence in perfection: Selected wines from first-class partners – the perfect accompaniment to our premium snacks for a harmonious feast for the palate.

Why are we so fond of wine?

Our passion for exquisite enjoyment and first-class quality reflects our affinity for exquisite wines. The careful selection of our wine partners underlines our striving for a perfect, harmonious enjoyment experience in which every facet of taste and aroma is perfectly balanced.

What can we do for you as a hotel?

Add a touch of exclusivity to your hotel with our hand-picked selection of wines. Our expertise in the selection of first-class wines enables us to curate tailor-made wine offers that perfectly match your hotel atmosphere. From the menu to special events, our selected wines take your offer to a new level and create unforgettable moments of pleasure for your guests.

Snacks and wines in combination

The art of enjoyment lies in the perfect combination. Our exquisite snacks are carefully designed to complement the flavors and nuances of our selected wines. From savory nuts to delicate sweets, our snacks offer a variety of flavors that fit seamlessly into the world of wine enjoyment. Discover with us the harmony of excellent wines and delicious snacks - an incomparable sensory experience that will enchant your palate.

Immediate pleasure

Immediately available, extremely limited and always of outstanding quality – our exquisite wines are sourced from carefully selected wine partners. Produced in small quantities, from near-natural to biodynamic, they offer a unique taste experience for hotels, restaurants and bars. Enjoy the exclusivity and variety of our exquisite wine selection, hand-picked by our reliable wine partners.

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