The best hazelnut growing regions: a look behind the scenes at Burghardt Delicious

Hazelnuts are not only a popular snack, but also an essential ingredient in many sweets and baked goods. Their crunchy texture and rich flavor make them an indispensable part of the culinary world. But not all hazelnuts are the same. The quality and taste of hazelnuts depend heavily on the region in which they are grown.

The kingdoms of hazelnut production
Turkey is by far the largest hazelnut producer in the world and supplies around 70% of global production. The provinces along the Black Sea coast, especially Ordu, Giresun and Trabzon, are known for their high-quality hazelnuts. The climate in these regions is ideal for growing hazelnuts: mild winters, warm summers and sufficient rainfall ensure optimal growing conditions.

This region of Giresun is famous for its “Giresun Tombul” hazelnuts, which are prized for their sweet taste and fine texture. The company works closely with local farmers to ensure that the hazelnuts are grown and harvested to the highest standards.

Italy: Piedmont and its delicious hazelnuts
Piedmont in north-western Italy is another important growing region for hazelnuts, particularly known for the “Tonda Gentile delle Langhe” variety. These hazelnuts are considered to be the best in the world and are valued above all for their intense aroma and low bitter content. The hilly landscape and temperate climate of Piedmont offer ideal conditions for growing hazelnuts.

Burghardt Delicious sources its Italian hazelnuts directly from family farms in Piedmont, which have been involved in hazelnut production for generations. These farms attach great importance to sustainable cultivation and traditional harvesting methods in order to guarantee the high quality of their nuts.

USA: Oregon and the hazelnut industry
The USA, especially the state of Oregon, also plays an important role in hazelnut production. The Willamette Valley in Oregon offers perfect conditions for growing hazelnuts. The “Barcelona” and “Jefferson” varieties grown there are known worldwide for their size and rich flavor. Farmers in Oregon use modern farming methods to ensure sustainable and efficient production.

From harvesting to processing: the hazelnut journey at Burghardt Delicious
The harvest time for hazelnuts varies depending on the growing region, but is usually between the end of August and the beginning of October. The nuts are harvested either manually or mechanically and carefully sorted to select only the best specimens. At Burghardt Delicious, quality assurance begins in the fields. Experts monitor the entire harvesting process to ensure that only the best hazelnuts find their way into storage.

After harvesting, the hazelnuts are cleaned and stored in climate-controlled warehouses to preserve their freshness and quality. Transportation is carried out under strict conditions to avoid contamination or loss of quality. Burghardt Delicious works with specialist logistics companies that specialize in the transport of foodstuffs to ensure optimal storage and delivery.

Processing the hazelnuts is another critical step that significantly influences the quality of the end product. At Burghardt Delicious, the hazelnuts are carefully roasted in modern processing facilities. Only the best technologies are used to preserve the natural taste and nutrients of the hazelnuts.

Sustainability and quality assurance: Burghardt Delicious sets standards
Sustainability is a central concern of Burghardt Delicious. The company works exclusively with farmers who use environmentally friendly farming methods and are committed to protecting natural resources. By promoting organic cultivation methods and avoiding the use of harmful pesticides, Burghardt Delicious contributes to the preservation of the soil and biodiversity in the growing regions.

Burghardt Delicious attaches great importance to fair trade relations. The farmers receive fair prices for their products, which not only improves their economic situation, but also contributes to the development of rural communities. The company creates trust and stability in the supply chain through long-term partnerships.

Burghardt Delicious carries out strict quality controls to ensure the high quality of the hazelnuts. From harvesting to final processing, every step is monitored and documented. Regular laboratory analyses and sensory tests ensure that the hazelnuts meet the high standards and are free from harmful substances.

Culinary diversity: hazelnuts in the kitchen
Hazelnuts are incredibly versatile and are used in many culinary creations. Whether as a snack, in baked goods, in chocolate or as an ingredient in savory dishes – their nutty sweetness and crunchy bite make them a popular ingredient. Burghardt Delicious offers a wide range of hazelnut products that are appreciated both in the home kitchen and in professional gastronomy.

Future prospects: Innovation and growth
Burghardt Delicious is not resting on its laurels, but is constantly working on the development of new products. Collaboration with food technicians and star chefs results in innovative creations that enrich the market and expand culinary diversity.

Looking to the future, Burghardt Delicious plans to expand its presence on international markets. The brand is to be made known worldwide by establishing new partnerships and opening up new sales channels. The company remains true to its philosophy: top quality, sustainability and fair trade.

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