High-quality gift ideas from Burghardt Delicious: the perfect choice for promotional gifts

In a few weeks, Burghardt Delicious will proudly present its new product group: high-quality gift boxes filled with exquisite wines from selected vineyards and our unique snacks. These gift boxes are the perfect choice for promotional gifts, customer presents and special occasions.

Our high-quality gift boxes at a glance:

1. selected wines: Our gift boxes contain a selection of exquisite wines from renowned vineyards. From fruity red wines to sparkling white wines, we offer a wide range of taste experiences.

2. unique snacks: In addition to the wines, our gift boxes are filled with unique snacks. These include freshly roasted nuts from one of the best manufacturers, crispy crackers and other innovative delicacies.

3. individual presentation: Each gift box is put together with attention to detail and presented attractively. We also offer the option of adding personalized messages or logos to the gift boxes to make them a unique promotional gift.

Why are our gift boxes perfect for promotional gifts?

Quality and exclusivity: Our products stand for the highest quality and exclusivity, which makes them ideal gifts for customers, business partners and employees.

Diverse selection: With a wide range of wines and snacks, we offer the right gift for every taste.

Practical packaging: Our gift boxes are not only a treat for the palate, but also visually appealing and easy to send or present.

Sustainability: We attach great importance to sustainability and use environmentally friendly packaging materials to do our bit for the environment.


With its high-quality gift boxes, Burghardt Delicious presents a first-class selection of gift ideas for promotional purposes, customer gifts and special occasions. Discover the perfect combination of exquisite wines and unique snacks and surprise your business partners with an unforgettable gift experience.

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