The perfect complement: how nuts enrich the enjoyment of wine

Admittedly: Wine and nuts? A combination that is not easy to see through at first glance. Nuts in particular offer many potentials to enrich the enjoyment of wine thanks to their diverse properties.
Below we show you tips on how to find the right nut to go with the right wine.
Between crunchy and creamy
Sometimes it’s crunchy, sometimes it’s creamy and then it’s spicy again. Not only is the world of wine diverse, but also the world of nuts. Creamy cashew nuts, crunchy almonds, fatty macadamias or spicy walnuts. With different textures and flavors, nuts can create a pleasant contrast to wine.
In practice, for example, sweet almonds can enhance the taste of a fruity white wine. In turn, salty and creamy cashew nuts can emphasize the aromas of a dry rosé wine. It is generally helpful to simply try out different combinations of nuts and wines. You will soon realize that the right combination of nuts and wines can help to explicitly emphasize the aromas of the wine.
Texture and conviviality
Spicy nuts such as walnuts or pecans are more suitable for strong red wines and mild nuts such as cashews or pistachios for light white wines.
In addition to the aromas, the mouthfeel and texture also play an important role in the enjoyment of wine and nuts. The crunchy texture of nuts can help cleanse the palate and enhance the wine. In addition, chewing nuts can help to intensify the taste sensations and improve the taste experience.
Of course, enjoyment is not everything. Eating and drinking are sociable events. Adding nuts to a wine tasting can make the experience even more enjoyable and help to create a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.

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