Crunchy world records: curious facts about the nut

Even in the world of nuts there are plenty of records. From the biggest nut in the world to the fastest nutcracker. In this article, we take a look at the most exciting world records related to nuts.

2.5 kilogram nut

An incredible 2.5 kilograms and a circumference of over one meter is the current record for the largest nut in the world. The giant coconut was found in India 15 years ago. Incidentally, the name of the coconut comes from the Portuguese and can best be translated as kernel. This in turn is linked to the Latin term “nux indica” (Indian nut).

15 walnuts in 70 seconds

No, this is not about consumption. In fact, Olle Ljungström from Schwenden set the record for the fastest nut cracking in 2019 . He cracked 15 walnuts in just 1 minute and 10 seconds – an amazing feat that requires both skill and speed.

Art and jewelry made from nuts

In 2017, an impressive work of art made from nutshells was created in the USA, which holds the world record for the largest mosaic made from nutshells. The mosaic consists of over 1 million nutshells and features an artistic design that celebrates the versatility and beauty of the nut.

The world’s longest nut chain was created in Turkey nine years ago . It consisted of over 33,000 walnuts and stretched over a length of several kilometers. This impressive nut chain shows the creativity and sense of community that can develop around the nut.

450 kilograms  Nut corner

As part of a children’s charity campaign, 50 master bakers from Germany baked the world’s largest nut corner weighing 450 kilograms. The huge corner measuring 5.57m x 5.67m x 9m was cut into small pieces and distributed in Koblenz in 2010 in return for donations.

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