Reviving the minibar: a mission
for well-being and service

In a world where hospitality is constantly changing, there is one aspect that is often overlooked: the minibar. The trend may have moved away from the minibar in recent years, but we firmly believe that today more than ever it plays an essential role in well-being and service in hotels. In vacation hotels in particular, the minibar is an indispensable component that shows guests that their needs and amenities are a top priority.

The importance of the minibar

Why is the minibar so important? It is not only a practical addition to room service, but also a symbol of appreciation and care for the guest. At a time when eating and drinking has become an important part of the travel experience, the minibar offers a selection of snacks, drinks and even mini bottles of wine, allowing guests to enjoy the comfort of their room to the full.

A sign of service and attention to detail

Especially at times when restaurants may not always be available or guests may prefer to enjoy the privacy of their room, the minibar is an invaluable service. It not only offers a variety of options, but is also a sign of the attention to detail in the Food & Beverage (F&B) area. The carefully selected snacks and drinks show guests that their well-being and enjoyment are a priority for the hotel.

The mission of revitalization

Our mission is to put the minibar back at the center of attention and give it the status it deserves. We firmly believe that the minibar is not only a practical element, but also an essential part of the overall experience in a hotel. Through a careful selection of high-quality products and a loving presentation, we want to ensure that the minibar becomes an indispensable part of the hotel culture.

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