Locke am Platz - Zurich's latest
Lifestyle hotel opens its doors

The heart of Zurich, in the picturesque district of Enge, has recently started beating to the rhythm of the new lifestyle hotel “Locke am Platz”. The renowned design hotel chain Locke has opened its first location in Switzerland here, setting new standards for contemporary living and enjoyment.

Whether you are traveling on business, exploring the city privately or planning a longer stay – “Locke am Platz” offers the perfect accommodation for every occasion with its five different room categories, almost all of which are equipped with their own kitchen. But it’s not just travelers who benefit from this stylish hotspot. Locals will also find an oasis of taste and enjoyment at “Locke am Platz”.

The new location is not just a place to sleep, but also a space for culinary discoveries. The modern restaurant and bar not only serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also exquisite drinks and selected wines. A visit is therefore not only worthwhile for guests of the hotel, but for anyone looking for a culinary highlight in Zurich.

After successful locations in Berlin, Munich and six locations in London, Zurich is the first Swiss location of Locke Design Hotels. Zurich was chosen not only because of its bustling atmosphere, but also because of its proximity to exciting museums, the historic old town and the picturesque Lake Zurich.

The interior of the new Locke Hotel was inspired by the Mediterranean aesthetics of Lake Zurich. Tatjana von Stein, who was in charge of the design, translated the turquoise-blue splendor of the lake into lively modernist patterns. Bright colors, tailored curtains and plush materials create an inviting atmosphere in the rooms, suites and studios.

A special highlight are the 40 rooms for short-term guests, which, unlike at Locke, do not have a fully equipped kitchen. If you want to experience the “Locke am Platz” without staying overnight, you can visit the hotel’s own restaurant “Choupette”. Chef Jaco Redelinghuys not only presents a rich breakfast here, but also dishes with French brasserie elements, modern Nordic accents and even Japanese fermentation techniques.

The “Choupette” is characterized not only by its varied menu, but also by its unique interior. Terracotta, green and yellow velvet cladding by Yarn Collective, furniture by Parla and elements made of stainless steel and microcement create a colorful mix of colors and textures.

Both the restaurant and the adjoining lounge are designed to allow a seamless transition between day and night. The DJ booth can be converted into a bar table during the day, and the communal areas are decorated with fascinating works of art, such as the mural by Magdalena Julia Gordo.

“Locke am Platz” is not just a hotel, but a place of experience that blurs the boundaries between work and leisure, day and night. Visitors can not only spend the night in stylish surroundings, but also enjoy the culinary diversity and artistic atmosphere of Zurich’s latest lifestyle hotspot. Welcome to the world of “Locke am Platz” – where enjoyment, style and hospitality go hand in hand.

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