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Freshly roasted nuts and other snacks in sustainable packaging made to order

We don't just supply products, we supply solutions: You choose the content and packaging - we fill and label your desired snack

Special snacks for special occasions. Whether at the hotel bar, minibar or in a meeting. Our snacks are always a treat

We work as sustainably as possible and are constantly improving. We have the first sustainable packaging.

In the search for the best snack in the world, my vision is to set standards in the food & beverage sector. I am Denis Burghardt, founder of the new Burghardt Foodgroup. With our brands, we want to give your guests an unforgettable moment in the hotel industry and in the corporate sector (B2B) through the three senses – taste, smell and visual – with special foods and leading manufacturers. Food and beverages remain in the memory of guests or customers and significantly improve ratings and satisfaction.

After working for many years as a service expert and hotel tester in a leading corporation, I set new standards in the nuts segment 14 years ago as the founder and pioneer of the KERNenergie Group and was able to create trends in bar culture and freshness for guests in the national and international hotel industry . The secret is freshly roasted nuts to order, from the best growing regions in the world and in high-quality nut oil, using a unique roasting process. Chocolate is also processed with freshly roasted nuts.

Our vision is to set standards in the hotel industry and in companies with snacks of unmistakable quality. Our products are high quality, fresh and unique in taste. I have been advising top international hotels in this area for over 14 years and am convinced that the Burghardt Foodgroup will also create added value for you. A satisfied guest will always be a good investment. Maybe there are touchpoints and opportunities for cooperation.

Our premium own brands



Make your enjoyment unique! Your product is as individual and valuable as your customers. Whether for company celebrations or as a gift – personalize snacks and many other treats for individual moments of pleasure.


lets customize

Design enjoyment to suit your style! Our packaging is made from sustainable raw materials – for an environmentally conscious and enjoyable experience. Contact us for customized, sustainable packaging options!



Our premium snack range is not only ideal for gourmets, but also for chefs. The high-quality and versatile snacks are perfect for creative culinary creations and give your dishes an exclusive touch.”


Freshly roasted premium nuts FOR YOUR GUESTS

We offer first-class nut enjoyment for your exclusive hotel. Offer your guests a tempting selection of snacks.


Noble nuts at YOUR counter or kitchen?

Nuts and snacks are not only great at the bar, but are also a highlight in the kitchen.


Your company logo delightfully packaged

Label high-quality snacks, wines or gift boxes sustainably packaged with your company logo.


Brainfood for your conferences & meetings

Enrich your meetings or office with our exquisite range of nuts - nuts are a real source of energy.

Burghardt Foodgroup

At Burghardt Foodgroup, sustainability is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. We are proud to be pioneers in the production of nuts roasted in nut oil – an innovation that not only takes taste into account, but also the environment.

We will soon be expanding our range to include organic nuts – a further step to underline our commitment to ecological responsibility. We use organic farming to ensure that our products are not only delicious, but also free from harmful chemicals.

However, our responsibility goes beyond the content. We use sustainable packaging that is 100% recyclable. Our material consists of a single type of plastic, polypropylene, which eliminates the need for separation in sorting plants. This enables problem-free and unmixed recycling.

The resulting recyclate can be used in a variety of ways to manufacture new products. This closed-loop approach enables us to save resources and significantly reduce energy consumption. At Burghardt Foodgroup, we not only pursue the best taste, but also the best approach for our planet. Sustainability is not just a promise – it is an essential part of our identity. Coming soon: organic nuts in sustainable packaging!

Snacks in a package
from sustainable raw materials






"We want to become Europe's leading premium snack dealer"

Diane Rose
Fitness Guru

Save the Ocean


Our products are packaged and shipped completely plastic-free in order to make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection. This enables us to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

100% recyclable packaging

Our products are packaged and shipped completely plastic-free in order to make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection. This is possible because we only use one type of plastic, which makes separation in sorting plants superfluous.

Ocean protection and support

By using recyclable materials, we are actively committed to protecting the oceans. Environmentally friendly packaging helps to reduce marine pollution and minimize environmental impact.

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